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A Short and Illustrated Thought #22

Posted in Cassiopeia, lightning bugs, Milky Way, Photography, Sherwood Forest on June 29, 2012 by smpiv

Brittle starlight,

the Milky Way

bent Cassiopeia,

the bucket bear


Lightning bugs

wink & wonder.

of darkness

not a care.


Tar hushed feet

addicted to youth,


gravities’ sluice


Master moon

splashes & twinkles

new bridge,

horizon bent.


Master moon

In time & in step

below bent  horizon



Time for bed

time for sleep

time for dreams

our depths abide.


Drag anchor foot

set over the side

a futile effort

to stem the tide.


A Short and Illustrated Thought #21

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Pine needles

Dust a rocky trail

Jumbled as snowflakes



Footfalls muffled fall

The well shod path

Witchy, knuckled roots

Grab and trip


Glints of buttercup yellow


Hot and bright


Chipmunks hitch

And scurry

Crows caw

“What’s your hurry?”


Patient feet

Up, up

And up again

‘til the top


Shaded eyes,

Distant stare

A deep breath


I wonder at it all

A Short and Illustrated Thought #20

Posted in Photography, unfiltered camels on June 26, 2012 by smpiv

little boys’ watery cries,


a Frenchman

–unfilitered camels—

rasps louder and louder,


a door shut tight,

the lock

–foreign fingers—

hasps unforgiving,


“Mommy, mommy!”

“Mon petit garcon.”

a small divide.


shambling tears

tiny weak knees,

“Mommy, mommy,

please open the door!”


“Mikey, Mikey

my little boy,

don’t worry”


Don’t worry.


always my little boy

A Short and Illustrated Thought #19

Posted in ishmael, Photography, vermeer rolling baler on June 24, 2012 by smpiv

This itinerant life,

Its bits and bobs,

That make me me,

And you you.




our lives they make.


An unmarked path

barely lit;

Latent sun

paint my day;


 Call me Ishmael,

No, call me Mike


Wake me now,

wake me never.

Don’t tell me

 when it’s over.


Cue sunset,

fade to black.

Eyes wide open.

A Short and Illustrated Thought #18

Posted in father's day, Photography on June 17, 2012 by smpiv

Sister moon lend me your ear,

Listen now my earthly fears,

Distant stars that whisper and twinkle,

Tell me my being is more than a wrinkle,


I wish I could, I wish I might,

I wish on the stars on inky black nights,

Tumbling time grabs my foot,

my body, desperate, takes root,


Boy choir sing me a song,

Starry tears mourn what’s gone,

My son, my boy, my precious gift,

for you all of times’ sand to sift.


I bequeath to you what’s not mine to give

A long life to live.


A father’s day prayer.

A Short and Illustrated Thought #17

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Am I any more alive today

than I was yesterday?

Now in June,

any more alive than in May?


I watch the snow,

I watch the rain.

It comes,

It goes.

Must I?


Our little tree,

freed from its bulb,

sits in shock

Its leaves to rust.

It will grow.


Sun showers,

Sun power.

Sun rises,

Sun sets.


Another day

begets the rest.


I feel alive today.

A Short and Illustrated Thought #16

Posted in Clouds, Photography, Ray Bradbury, Willie McCool, Yuri Gagarin on June 6, 2012 by smpiv

Ray B left today to shake God’s hand.


Yuri G looked God in the face,

98 minutes to introduce our race.


Willie McCool and his crew,

left for a better look,

then his hand they shook.


Such a short ride

to get to the other side.


Ain’t life grand?