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A Short and Illustrated Thought #32

Posted in Architecture, Photography, Uncategorized, Vermont, Woodstock on August 28, 2012 by smpiv

We populate this time

                like well worn shoes.


These cars, these shirts

                these well worn jeans.


This day but a date

                a stylish fate.


Wear it well,

wear it now.



                the sell by date.


A Short and Illustrated Thought #16–Redux

Posted in Neil Armstrong, Photography, Uncategorized, Willie McCool, Yuri Gagarin on August 25, 2012 by smpiv

Neil A left today to shake God’s hand.


Yuri G looked God in the face,

98 minutes to introduce our race.


Willie McCool and his crew,

left for a better look,

then his hand they shook.


Such a short ride

to get to the other side.


Ain’t life grand?

A Short and Illustrated Thought #31

Posted in Photography on August 18, 2012 by smpiv

Have a patient eye,

vision will come.


Have a patient ear,

hear what’s long done.


Have patient feet,

many paths to take.


Have patient hands,

much to make.


Be sure of things,

Life has wings.


Be patient first,

fulfill passions’ thirst.



A Short and Illustrated Thought #30

Posted in autumn, Photography with tags on August 11, 2012 by smpiv

The first leaf of fall fell

First the one,

then the solemn many.


Calliope of colors to come

wind born, rain driven,

gravity all.


A pastoral effort to task

To jump, to fall, to tumble,

to lightly touch down,


To mark the season past

A Short and Illustrated Thought #29

Posted in Photography, Uncategorized on August 6, 2012 by smpiv

The rustle of cricket-corn

The glow on my brow

The river rock back in its bed

The fields hayed & round

The tassels above my head


A haze, a pallor,

This roman-month

A Short and Illustrated Thought #28

Posted in Photography, Uncategorized on August 5, 2012 by smpiv

Wicker born baern

Past cat-tail snow

River-driven immortality

Past stacked-stone cairns



                 hope of eternity

Drink it

                faute de mieux


Smokey-eyed seeks the morning

Sunset deaths’ fair warning

Bier a-flame our past

A misty-wispy carnal cast


Hopes & dreams unbound

Heaven went without a sound

Salty dew-damped tears

Gather b’hind earthly weirs


Whispered fate a destination