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A Short and Illustrated Thought #15

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tree green light

promise limitless horizons,

dappled yellow marks a path

boundless roots burst concrete bark.


faces smooth for lack of trying

reflect sky blue

a sunny yellow glint on dewy eyes.


endless roads in a light blue Malibu,

pass under infinite dark skies

Patsy Cline from Toronto

on a skipping AM radio.


always mail on Saturday,

rain or shine

black burnt coffee to percolate

scrapple to fry,


yellow perch, white perch, lots of sunnys

nothing is wasted on the tide,

fish still swim free.

it’s what the heron sees.


It’s what I see.


A Short and Illustrated Thought #13

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Black Coffee

Astronauts must drink Black Coffee,

You can’t navigate space with sugar and cream.


Ah, Tang and Black Coffee,

The stuff men are made of.

Black Coffee