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A Short and Illustrated Thought #54

Posted in Christmas, Photography, Santa, Uncategorized on December 11, 2013 by smpiv


Boxes wrapped tight

cellophane pulled with

childish might–

a ribbon for spite.


You couldn’t open it

You shouldn’t open it

The date to do-

not quite here.



Candy canes broken

Cat-pawed bulbs tinkle

& glint.


Wooden soldier upright

Former guard of sunshine-sheets

Standing down in cardboard boxes

–day time duty a rare treat.


Baby-boy snores rumble the night

dreams Santa’s treacherous sight.

Candle wax dripped & piled

frozen high.


Cookie crumbs &

Sour milk

A hieroglyphic note,


Dear Santa,


I’ve been a good

I could be better,

A few transgressions

But let’s forget.



The sun yet risen

Released from night-time



Listen now

Who’s awake?

Mom and Dad?

Sister and brother?


Stair-step beat of

Slipper shod feet

Heavy with sleep &




Anno domini

A blessed year

has passed

Far to fast


Metal Santa

One broken ski

Mom to Mom

To me


Soon to

My boy

My Min-me


Merry Christmas