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A Collection of Short and Illustrated Thoughts #2

Posted in Boys of Sherwood, Cas, Hooker, Lumpy, Mono, Sherwood Forest, Uncategorized on May 8, 2012 by smpiv

The entrance for sand covered beach children,

The exit for illicit midnight rendezvous,

The cause of many bloody knees up or down,

The backsteps


Cas, Lumpy, Mono, Hooker, Scotty and on—

We would sit on the rail for hours

And bake in the sun.

We were the Boys of Sherwood.

We still are,

We just don’t sit as long.


The Senior Clubroom was a coming of age,

If fourteen can be called a coming of age.

We guarded it like a sacred object

And abused it like an old Volkswagen.


The invisible tiger roamed free,

The fence was never there.

My Mimi always feared for our safety.

Up went the fence and

So went the way of the tiger.


The reservoir sat protected on all sides by trees,

The wind passed high overhead.

When it froze it was like glass.

All shattered when the levy broke.

Fish were in the trees and mud everywhere,

But the frogs—where were the frogs?

I’ve always wondered what happened to the frogs.


The diving board is dedicated to Rick Cumberpatch,

Who died in Vietnam.

I don’t know how he died or when.

I don’t even know if he dove,

But I have always pictured him diving from that board—

Again and again.


I have seen the fall of so many things I thought eternal.