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A Short & Illustrated Thought #60

Posted in Clouds, corn, cornfield, Mt. Tom, Photography, Vermont, Woodstock on July 22, 2014 by smpiv



Amongst the corn

telling no secrets

–I’d been warned.



close to consciousness,

took a breath.


From a breeze

etched in green

& white butter



Passed out

in dirt & dung

& sprung to life,


Air, humid hung

brazed & burnt

by a sun.


Poorly kept

this furtive; this lemon-drawn

note.  Stooped & overheard—

this cricket-corn.


I had been warned.



A Short and Illustrated Thought #51

Posted in Mt. Tom, Photography, Vermont, Woodstock on October 19, 2013 by smpiv



dry brushed by

morning sun



cadmium reds

& yellows


Brushing the

mountain top

lighted leaves


a deadly glow



winter’s wind

leaves bare


the tippy-top

balding snow

ever near

A Short and Illustrated Thought #21

Posted in Mt. Tom, Photography, Uncategorized on June 27, 2012 by smpiv















Pine needles

Dust a rocky trail

Jumbled as snowflakes



Footfalls muffled fall

The well shod path

Witchy, knuckled roots

Grab and trip


Glints of buttercup yellow


Hot and bright


Chipmunks hitch

And scurry

Crows caw

“What’s your hurry?”


Patient feet

Up, up

And up again

‘til the top


Shaded eyes,

Distant stare

A deep breath


I wonder at it all