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A Short and Illustrated Thought #14

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                I pray for my salvation for fear that

                I may fall by the wayside only to lose

                                my humanity to that which I once was.

                To a Goliath that even David could not fell.

                My trod a thunderous clap indiscriminate

                In its peel—the sound of warning for an

                Act incomplete.


I pray for a better day when the scythe

wielding angel greets us with the seed of

this Earth.  The Apple and skull set side

By side satiates to hungers past and present.

That which we reap will be for the future,

Not to lay fallow.


                I pray for mountains seas and skies that

                Undulate with the heat and cold.

                The passing seasons making the rise and fall

                Of another year and I to follow that

                Sacred course my season sprinkled with the salt

                Of manly time.  Disheveled and tired I watch

the fall of the leaves.


I pray for shelter against the cold.  My

Hunger rich for the suffering for I fear

I have not suffered enough.  Heat rises

Turbulent in its ascension only to

Dissipate clashing with the cold and

                Rain it must.


                I pray for umbrage in lieu of the light of my

                Desires.  Make me weak, make me strong

                Sing my praises only with my passing.  Trumpet

                My standing only with mocking tribute

                For what have I done?  Remember me down

                The road for I touched you only as I

                Know how.


I pray for understanding that will never

Come. For those who seek not and wish

For the best, I pray the hardest.  Distant

                Drummers beckon with a whim.  Find him

                And your trail is long, your crumbs long since



                I pray for rain on the clearest days

                The hours accumulation of days, the

                Droplets pocking the earth in ardent

                Desire and faith.  Our feet rarely get

                                Wet, we wrap ourselves to avoid the

                Muddy waters.  Our feet must

Be bared, scratched and soaked.


                                I pray that you will walk with me

                Over the deepest waters, the loftiest

                Heights and the lowest lows.  Barefoot

                                We will soak out feet in the water,

The feather and the light of our journey

                                In hope of hopes for answers not,

                                But questions that seek no answers.


                                                Walk with me.