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A Short and Illustrated Thought #35

Posted in Genoa, Granducci, Keds, Norfolk, Photography, Simonetta on September 27, 2012 by smpiv

A six year old pirate eye

cast the limitless sea



The Simonetta stands, a steel tree

Salt etched, painted haunches peal

Laden with coal


Dirty coal


Rat run hawsers

Puffing ferrous shanks

Moorings tied taught & tight


Red Ked feet

up a steel & vertical sheet

10, 20, 30, 40 feet


And then some


Latin laced Italian

Hand gestures taught

Heave ho & away we go


Norfolk shores far behind

The sky now dark & gray

That special gray


For storms at sea


Red Ked feet

Now high

Now low




Steel hull heals hard

10, 20, 30





That special gray,

that lovely gray

parts a setting sun


 Milky Way smears

the ebon sky

a Mariner’s sky


A Red sky


Bubbles picked from bubbly wine

Flatter than the sea outside

Porpoise dash beside


Genoa sits & waits

The Med against a sea gate

Roman stones on Roman stones


A confection of our past

From this shore once cast

Red Ked feet,

A past


To meet